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See what other people are saying about our Avia 266 apartments! At Avia 266 Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Khalif Brown is a good man. Asking for him.


Have been here for over 2 years and I love it!


As any where you go there is pros and cons. After being here for a year, we have had nothing but a wonderful experience being here. Pam, Paris, and Mike are amazing and VERY helpful. They have worked with us on plenty occasions when we needed assistance on anything regarding our unit. They always give an appropriate time of notice when there is work needed to be done. They are always nice and welcoming when you enter the office. There is usually some type of community event put on for the holiday's to get the tenants together and/or the kids to have a good time. We appreciate their hospitality and the time they take out of their day to help.


As any where you go there is pros and cons. After being here for a year, we have had nothing but a wonderful experience being here. Pam, Paris, and Mike...


I love this place! I lived here before and now I’m back! Super excited to be back. I was excited to have Pam as a leasing manager again, she’s so sweet and helpful! I cannot wait to be a tenant again. Pam and Paris are so welcoming and the communication and help from them is always 110%. This is the best apartment complex I have ever lived at. I’m so glad to be back. Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms!


I just read the last review and I strongly disagree. The manager, Pam is definitely not evil. She is real! She holds people accountable and people who are...

Paris coliins helped me alot👍



My wife and I have lived at Avia 266 for 5+ years now and we are moving to Colorado now. I have nothing but great things to say about Avia 266 and the front office team. Pam is amazing and has always been fantastic! Pam knows pretty much everyone in the complex and always has a smile and a wave if she sees you. Perris is also incredibly friendly and helpful! They've worked hard at helping create a community at Avia 266; they create events for the complex and go above & beyond at creating a welcoming community. This is the most welcomed and connected I've felt at an apartment complex ever. Even when our AC went out, Pam was on it and the maintenance team (also an A+ team) quickly helped us get a temporary AC fix in while they worked on getting a new AC unit for us. No complaints at all from me, everybody was incredibly helpful and quick at resolving this. We're sad to leave Avia 266 as we are moving out of state, but I would highly recommend Avia 266 to anyone!


I first came here 8 months ago to get a tour by Marissa then a few days later I moved in I love it here the staff is wonderful miss paris and miss Pamela are the best property management I've dealt with in years anytime I have a problem or any issue they always take care of it and reach out afterwards to see if it was resolved I've been having seizures and they always check in on me it's more than a apartment staff feels more like family how they always have your back, Andd the maintenance man Bradley is great too water was cold one time he went out of his way to go check and resolve the issue this is a good place for anybody trying to move to the Tempe mesa location bet you won't find nothing than avia 266 free parking trash pick up 24/7 gym dog park 2 pools and a big community grill/play area can't wait to renew my lease -kentrell

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